Crystal Eye Mask // Marble


Naturally dyed silk hydrates skin around the eyes and is gentle hair ensuring you wake up looking as great as you feel.The Crystal Eye Mask + Ritual Card Set + Crystal offer a dreamy union of crystal healing and calming rest like no other. 

  • One size fits all
  • Made from 100% hand dyed silk charmeuse
  • Fully blocks out all light
  • Infused with Reiki and healing plant energies
  • Sustainably crafted:

Please note: Naturally dyed textiles are perfectly imperfect. A true reflection of mother nature, these living colors may vary slightly in hue and display natural variations of saturation in one piece. 


RITUAL CARD SET: Learn how to use your crystal eye mask with a custom curated charging ritual from founder and creator Lauren Jones. Included for free with each purchase.

  • Crystal Property Card
  • Dye Information Card
  • Charging Ritual Card


  • Crystal Eye Mask
  • Crystal
  • Ritual Card Set (see below for more details)


Crystal Properties: natural stress reliever, cultivates inner peace, creates a protective shield from negative energies.


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