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Boho-Chic Clothes and Accessories

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The Pareo // CanaryThe Pareo // Canary
The Pareo // Canary Sale price$98.00
Sold outCoco Top // BlancoCoco Top // Blanco
Coco Top // Blanco Sale price$78.00
The Bonita Dress // RyeThe Bonita Dress // Rye
The Bonita Dress // Rye Sale price$178.00
The Cashmere Carmel Sweater // NutmegThe Cashmere Carmel Sweater // Nutmeg
The Bonita Dress // FernThe Bonita Dress // Fern
The Bonita Dress // Fern Sale price$178.00
Seashell TraySeashell Tray
Seashell Tray Sale price$38.00
The Siena Dress // SageThe Siena Dress // Sage
The Siena Dress // Sage Sale price$168.00
The Goa Dress // RoseThe Goa Dress // Rose
The Goa Dress // Rose Sale price$148.00
Sold outThe Bali BagThe Bali Bag
The Bali Bag Sale price$88.98
The Menorca Dress // RyeThe Menorca Dress // Rye
The Menorca Dress // Rye Sale price$158.00
Isla Pants // MoonIsla Pants // Moon
Isla Pants // Moon Sale price$148.00
The Pareo // IndigoThe Pareo // Indigo
The Pareo // Indigo Sale price$98.00
The Cala Kaftan // LagoonThe Cala Kaftan // Lagoon
The Cala Kaftan // Lagoon Sale price$118.00
The Everyday Overall // ClassicThe Everyday Overall // Classic
Sold outThe Deia Dress // YoliThe Deia Dress // Yoli
The Deia Dress // Yoli Sale price$188.00
The Verano Overall // LagoonThe Verano Overall // Lagoon
Sea Urchin TraySea Urchin Tray
Sea Urchin Tray Sale price$32.00
The Linen Overall // LagoonThe Linen Overall // Lagoon
The Linen Overall // Lagoon Sale price$158.00
The Linen Jumpsuit // LagoonThe Linen Jumpsuit // Lagoon
The Linen Overall // NoirThe Linen Overall // Noir
The Linen Overall // Noir Sale price$158.00
The Pareo // MakebaThe Pareo // Makeba
The Pareo // Makeba Sale price$98.00
The Deia Dress // NoirThe Deia Dress // Noir
The Deia Dress // Noir Sale price$188.00
The Florence Skirt // MoonThe Florence Skirt // Moon
The Florence Skirt // Moon Sale price$148.00
The Linen Overall // StormThe Linen Overall // Storm
The Linen Overall // Storm Sale price$158.00
Playa Top // NoirPlaya Top // Noir
Playa Top // Noir Sale price$88.00
The Positano Top // NoirThe Positano Top // Noir
The Positano Top // Noir Sale price$88.00
Isla Pants // NoirIsla Pants // Noir
Isla Pants // Noir Sale price$148.00
The Cashmere Yaya Cardigan // RyeThe Cashmere Yaya Cardigan // Rye
The Linen Jumpsuit // FernThe Linen Jumpsuit // Fern
The Linen Jumpsuit // Fern Sale price$158.00
Sold outDaisy Two Piece // SunflowerDaisy Two Piece // Sunflower
The Sevilla Dress // RyeThe Sevilla Dress // Rye
The Sevilla Dress // Rye Sale price$158.00
The Amalfi Skirt // MoonThe Amalfi Skirt // Moon
The Amalfi Skirt // Moon Sale price$148.00
Playa Top // MoonPlaya Top // Moon
Playa Top // Moon Sale price$88.00
The Cashmere Carmel Sweater // CanyonThe Cashmere Carmel Sweater // Canyon
The Pareo // TigerThe Pareo // Tiger
The Pareo // Tiger Sale price$98.00
The Linen Overall // RyeThe Linen Overall // Rye
The Linen Overall // Rye Sale price$158.00
The Guapa Espadrilles // MoonThe Guapa Espadrilles // Moon
The Linen Jumpsuit // RyeThe Linen Jumpsuit // Rye
The Linen Jumpsuit // Rye Sale price$158.00
Seashell Shorts // FernSeashell Shorts // Fern
Seashell Shorts // Fern Sale price$128.00
The Amalfi Skirt // NoirThe Amalfi Skirt // Noir
The Amalfi Skirt // Noir Sale price$148.00
The Kaftan Jumpsuit // NoirThe Kaftan Jumpsuit // Noir
The Kaftan Jumpsuit // Noir Sale price$118.00
Snuggle SocksSnuggle Socks
Snuggle Socks Sale price$22.98
The Sevilla Dress // NoirThe Sevilla Dress // Noir
The Sevilla Dress // Noir Sale price$158.00
The Guapa Espadrilles // SageThe Guapa Espadrilles // Sage
The Cashmere Carmel Sweater // PebbleThe Cashmere Carmel Sweater // Pebble
The Kaftan Jumpsuit // StormThe Kaftan Jumpsuit // Storm
The Meadow Blouse // NoirThe Meadow Blouse // Noir
The Meadow Blouse // Noir Sale price$108.00
The Palas Necklace // SeaweedThe Palas Necklace // Seaweed
The Palma Shirt // NoirThe Palma Shirt // Noir
The Palma Shirt // Noir Sale price$148.00
The Pixie Bootie // RyeThe Pixie Bootie // Rye
The Pixie Bootie // Rye Sale price$48.00

Treat yourself to some boho-chic clothes that are effortless and elegant! Beachwood Baby designs women’s clothing that’s perfect for every free spirited fashion icon. The best part of that you can wear our apparel at any stage of motherhood, and post-partum. All our garments come in natural colors, so you can easily layer your clothing to curate a wide range of looks. Browse our collection to shop for flowy dresses, maxi skirts, relaxed jumpsuits and cute tops; we also sell boho accessories, hand woven baskets.

Complete your look with carefully curated natural materials, such as linen and cotton. Please contact our team if you have questions about our boho-chic clothes or any other items on our website.