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Ring Sling Questions


What fabric do we use? 

We only use the softest cottons & linens for our ring sling baby carriers. We want your little ones to be protected in the finest quality of fabrics right from day one. We have searched for the softest and most supportive weaves so there is no need to break in your ring sling, they will arrive to your home soft from the start. 


How do I wash my ring sling?

We recommend machine wash in cool water on gentle cycle, or hand washing your sling for best results. Use a gentle liquid detergent free of optical brighteners. Hang or lay flat to dry. Be sure to unthread the sling when washing. To protect your rings, we suggest putting a sock over it while washing.


What about the rings? 

We use seamless aluminum rings that have been tested and conform to the CPSIA regulations.  If you would like a sling with Nylon Rings, please email us with your inquiry. 


Are ring slings safe for my little one?

Yes! Beachwood Baby ring slings are made from the highest quality seamless aluminum rings and the most supportive yet soft fabric available. Our slings & rings are tested and certified to ensure your child's safety.

Please watch our video tutorials on how to properly carry your little ones for the best result. 


I feel like my baby isn’t secure. Am I doing something wrong?

Try these key guidelines: Make sure the fabric is tucked under their bum along your stomach, ensure the fabric is nice and tight and baby is close enough to kiss. We have a whole section on how to wear the ring sling, check out our ring sling video tutorials and basic info pages.

What is the Max weight to wear my baby? 

We recommend wearing your baby up to a max of 35lbs


What are the advantages of a ring sling? 

We love ring slings! They're designed to keep you and your little on close right from day one. They are the fastest and easiest carrier to use. There is no wrapping or buckling involved. Once you thread your sling its a quick easy in and out. It does take some practice, but once you figure it out, putting the sling on can be done in just a few seconds. 


Where are your slings made?

Our slings are hand sewn in California to ensure maximum quality control.




Beachwood Baby is not responsible for any injuries or deaths that occur while using our product. Please learn our safety tips before using our products. If you see any defects or wear and tear, please inform us immediately and stop using the product.