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Article: 5 Essential Maternity Styling Tips for Expecting Mothers

5 Essential Maternity Styling Tips for Expecting Mothers

5 Essential Maternity Styling Tips for Expecting Mothers

Pregnancy is beautiful, and many women have a unique glow about them during this time. However, it’s hard to feel stylish when you can’t fit into most of the clothing you used to show off. Use these essential maternity styling tips to look elegant and feel great throughout your pregnancy.

Invest in a Maternity Wardrobe

During pregnancy, some women think it’s best to just size up their regular clothing to accommodate their changing bodies. This doesn’t always work. Designers create maternity clothing to fit your body according to the changes of pregnancy—wider hips and a growing belly. When you size up women’s clothing, the attire may look too big for you since it may be too loose in areas like the arms but more fitted around your waist.

Splurge on the garments you know you’ll get good wear out of during your pregnancy. For example, buy a cute maternity dress for your baby shower or a pregnancy blouse for a date night with your partner.

Shopping Tip

As you begin shopping, search for multi-functional maternity clothing. Brands like Beachwood Baby create women’s linen dresses you can show off during pregnancy, while nursing, and beyond. This clothing tops your standard maternity clothing because you can continue wearing the comfy outfits no matter how old your child is. Navigate motherhood in style.

There’s Beauty in Simplicity

Looking stylish is great, but you don’t always have to go over the top. Your baby bump is the perfect focal point for your outfit. Plus, purchasing minimalist options allows you to create more outfits without having to splurge on a collection of maternity clothes. Stick to solid colors so you can mix and match your options.

Invest In Quality Undergarments

Pregnancy is the time to say goodbye to your underwire bra since it won’t comfortably fit your changing body. Instead, shop for maternity bras. You can purchase options for your first, second, and third trimesters, plus nursing bras. Maternity bras are stretchier than the typical bra to accommodate your changing cup size.

Consider Your Style Preferences

Another essential maternity styling tip is to consider the type of clothing you like. Do you prefer jumpers and dresses or cardigans and leggings? Your style reflects who you are, and you shouldn’t feel forced to change this. If you enjoy adding accessories like jewelry or scarves to your outfits, continue doing this. We all define style differently, and you should wear what makes you feel most beautiful.

Get Some Friendly Advice

When you doubt what to wear, reach out to friends and family. Your fellow mamas may have some styling secrets they used during their pregnancy. Likewise, your loved ones will share their honest opinions on what looks best on you.

Remember, your comfort is what’s most important. Beachwood Baby sells clothing for mamas that gives you the best of both worlds—style and comfort. With great maternity clothing, your pregnancy glow won’t be the only thing making you look incredible.

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