Alternative Uses for Outgrown Baby Clothes

As much as some of us would love for our little cub to stay small forever, that isn’t possible, as newborns grow into curious toddlers and then excitable children. As your baby grows, the clothing that once fit perfectly becomes too small, and you may not know what to do with a closet full of old apparel. Explore various alternative uses for outgrown baby clothes that range from getting crafty to donating. Get ideas on ways you can reuse your infant’s old apparel!

Get Crafty

If you love doing crafts, why not use your baby’s old clothes for some? Some mamas use their little cub’s outgrown garments to create a stuffed animal or quilt. While you can sew either project by hand, a sewing machine eases the process.

Go to your local craft store or browse online for patterns to use for your project. If you make a stuffed animal, you may need to use more than one outfit depending on the size of the garments and animal. Likewise, if you create a quilt, you can use as many outgrown clothes as you’d like since blankets are a larger sewing project. Making a stuffed animal or quilt with old baby clothes gives you and your little cub a keepsake you’ll always treasure.

Use Them as Hand-Me-Downs

Another alternative use for outgrown baby clothes is to store them and later use them as hand-me-downs for another child. The future child doesn’t have to be another baby you have. Instead, you can gift hand-me-downs to a pregnant friend or relative to help kickstart their baby’s wardrobe with cozy clothes.

But hold onto any garments that have deep sentimental value to you. For example, you may not want to get rid of the outfit you brought your baby home in. Place all special clothing in a bin you can store elsewhere in the house.

Donate Them

When you don’t know what to do with old clothing, you can always donate it to a local charity. Doing this provides fellow mamas with clothing for their little ones that they may be unable to afford otherwise. This also allows someone else to love the apparel as much as you and your baby did.

Make a Cleaning Rag

Some of your baby’s clothes may appear too worn out to give to anyone or use in a craft. You should never give someone clothing with stains, rips, or holes. Instead, gather these items and use them as cleaning rags around the house.

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