How Long Should You Carry Your Baby in a Sling?

Every mama loves feeling close to her little cub, but cradling your baby throughout the day isn’t always possible. We need our hands free when shopping or completing chores around the house. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t hold your precious baby.

Products like ring slings allow mothers to keep their little ones pressed against them while remaining hands-free. While this is great for bonding, your baby shouldn’t be in the sling all day. In this motherly guide, we’ll discuss how long you should carry your baby in a sling, plus ring-sling safety!

How Long To Wear Your Baby

Wearing your baby in a carrier helps keep the two of you close, improving mother-baby bonding. With your baby pressed against your chest, keeping your eyes on them is easy. However, like all good things, there are limits to how long you should wear your infant.

The length of time you wear your infant depends on their age, but most mamas agree you should stick to a limit of two hours in the early days. As your baby grows, you can elongate the time spent in the sling according to what you two find most comfortable.

Mama Tip

You may want to limit baby-wearing if you are outside on a hot day to prevent either of you from getting too warm due to the shared body heat of your snuggle. Search for slings made of natural materials such as linen or cotton, as these are temperature-regulating.

Take Sling Breaks

Although there are no time limits for carrying your little cub, babies should not remain in any type of carrier all day. Infants need room to stretch those little limbs and harness their motor skills such as sitting, rolling onto their bellies, and learning to crawl. Likewise, curious toddlers love waddling around to explore our magnificent world.

Ensuring your little one flourishes is all about balance, and making them feel close to you is as vital as time out of the sling.

Keeping Your Baby Safe

Knowing how long you should carry your baby in a sling is just one of several factors that go into ring sling safety. Your baby’s legs should always be spread with a slight bend in their knee when you place them in their carrier. Moreover, they should be able to move their head to prevent the risk of suffocation. Never cover your baby’s face or press them too tightly against you.

Buy the Coziest Sling

The comfiest sling will keep your baby nice and cozy anytime you place them in it. Beachwood Baby sells ring sling baby carriers that you can use whether your little cub is a newborn, toddler, or any age in between. Skilled artisans hand-weave our slings to ensure durability and premium comfort for your baby.