Comfortable Summer Clothing Options for New Moms

As a new mom, comfort is key, and with the heat of summer upon us, it’s time to plan your wardrobe. The best summer clothing is comfortable, easy to move around in, and stylish. If you need some ideas on the types of clothing to shop for, we’ve got you coved! Below are some comfortable summer clothing options for new moms.

Shorts and a Blouse

The shorts and a blouse combination are perfect for hot summer days, especially if you’re out and about. Look for soft, breathable cotton fabrics with neutral colors or earth tones to pair them with a wide range of clothing. You should also shop for loose-fitting shirts with a draped style that comfortably fits your changing postpartum body. 

Fashion Tip

For bottoms that are a bit breezier, swap out the shorts for a knee-length skirt or maxi skirt.

Linen Dress

Linen dresses are popular for summertime as they’re lightweight, flowy, breathable, and easy to maintain. You don’t have to worry about ironing linen since the material has natural creases.

For a fun and summery look, pair your linen boho dress with sandals or a sun hat. You can also accessorize with some jewelry to add a bit of flair to your outfit if you want to get dressed up to go out with friends.

Breezy Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are another must-have for every new mom’s wardrobe this summer. They are an easy, all-in-one option for lounging, day trips, or even a night out. For ultimate comfort, opt for one-piece jumpsuits made from airy and soft materials that won’t cling to your skin in the heat.

Tips for Outfit Planning

Select clothes designed for new moms that allow you to easily move around and breastfeed your newborn. These clothes may have an asymmetrical design along the bust or straps rather than sleeves that you can easily lower. 

When shopping for new clothes, you should also evaluate the material used. Natural fabrics are more breathable, keeping you cooler in summer. Plus, materials such as organic linen and cotton are highly durable, so you’ll invest in comfy garments that last years of consistent wear. 

Don’t Compromise Style

When shopping for comfortable summer clothing options for new moms, remember that it’s important to continue feeling good and dressing well. After all, fashion is a form of expression, and wearing clothes you don’t love can also leave you uncomfortable. Strive to buy garments created for mamas that are chic and comfortable for the best of both worlds.

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