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Article: Tips for New Mothers on Properly Using a Ring Sling

Tips for New Mothers on Properly Using a Ring Sling

Tips for New Mothers on Properly Using a Ring Sling

Welcome to motherhood! New mothers often struggle to figure out how to balance their baby’s needs and day-to-day activities. After all, you only have two hands, and as much as you’d love to, cradling your baby all the time isn’t possible. However, mama must-haves like ring slings make it easier for moms to keep their hands free and little cubs close. Delve into the top tips for new mothers on how to properly use a ring sling!

Use the Right Size

Before you buy a ring sling or use one gifted to you, determine the ideal size for your baby’s age and weight. If the sling is too big, it can cause your baby to sink too low, causing a strain on your back or neck. On the other hand, if it’s too tight, it could endanger your child’s breathing. Ideally, the ring should feel like a cozy hug to your baby as it keeps them laid against you—it shouldn’t constrict your infant.

As you shop, review the product descriptions to see each sling’s recommended age and weight. Or, if you received a ring sling as a gift, visit the maker’s website to review this information before using it.

Mama Tip

Most companies create ring slings that work from newborn to toddlerhood. Generally, these slings are also adjustable, so you can alter the size to fit your growing baby.

Learn How to Wear It

Stand in front of a mirror and practice wearing the sling before placing your baby in it. It should go over one of your shoulders to put your little cub into the sling. Adjust the sling so your baby lays against your chest or back; they should always have room to move their head.

Always ensure the fabric is centered on your back when wearing the sling to avoid strain. You shouldn’t hinge your hips and back to accommodate the added weight of your baby.

Listen to Your Baby

Another tip for new moms on how to properly use a ring sling is to respect their baby’s non-verbal cues. Your baby may not be able to speak words, but they do communicate their feelings through cries and facial expressions. Sometimes your baby is uncomfortable in the sling and needs you to adjust it. Other times, your little cub may get fussy because they don’t want anyone holding them. Listening to your baby in these moments helps to establish a sense of trust between you both.

Check the Fabric Quality

The fabric should be sturdy enough to support your baby’s weight without saggingStrive to only use ring slings made with natural materials such as cotton and linen. These fabrics are durable and long-lasting. Plus, natural materials are always soft on your baby’s sensitive skin.

Beachwood Baby

Beachwood Baby sells durable and cozy linen ring slings. Our slings are hand woven by local artisans near Oaxaca, Mexico. Buy a ring sling that’s unique and comfy for you and your baby!

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