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Common Misconceptions About Using Baby Slings

Parents buy all sorts of items to care for and comfort their babies. Binkies and teethers soothe infants, and cuddly toys keep them cozy. Ring slings are another mama must-have, as they make it easy for you to keep your little cub close. Delve into the most common misconceptions about using baby slings to learn more about this incredible item.

Baby Slings Make Babies Clingy

Every parent wants the best for their child, and there’s no such thing as loving your baby too much. Still, some people claim that regularly carrying your baby causes them to be clingy; the more you hold your child, the more they’ll crave your warm embrace. Babies go through natural phases, and they seem more attached to you at times. However, regularly holding your baby does not cause the “clingy” behavior.

Regularly carrying your child encourages the release of oxytocin, which fosters bonding between mom and baby. In turn, this helps you two build a strong bond, making it easier for your baby to rely on you. There’s no such thing as carrying your little cub too much!

Baby Slings Are Dangerous

Another common misconception about using baby slings is that they’re dangerous for the baby and mama. If you put your baby in the sling improperly, there can be dangers, just like when we misuse any item. However, using your sling properly is completely safe and can actually enhance safety!

To properly use a sling, make sure your infant has room to move their head. The ring sling should remain secure around you, and your baby’s legs should be spread with a slight bend in their knee. In addition to keeping your little cub safe, correctly wearing the sling protects you. Your baby sling should go over your shoulder, and your infant should remain snuggly pressed against you. If the sling is too loose, your baby may lean backward, which can cause back pain for you.

Baby Slings Are for Specific Ages

Babies are fragile during the early months of life and rely on you to love and protect them. Due to this, some parents worry that carrying a newborn in a sling isn’t safe. However, if you wear the ring sling baby carrier correctly and keep their head supported, you can hold your little one in it any time after delivery.

Some parents also wonder if their baby is too old for a sling, but babywearing is for all infants. When you buy a ring sling, review the product description for weight restrictions to know how many years you can carry your little cub in it.

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