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Article: How To Care for Linen Clothing: Everything You Need To Know

How To Care for Linen Clothing: Everything You Need To Know

How To Care for Linen Clothing: Everything You Need To Know

Buying excellent quality clothing should be a priority for everyone. Let’s not forget that today’s fashion equals future vintage. The better the material, the longer your treasured piece will last, which means you’ll spend less money on new apparel. But, knowing how to take care of linens is key to ensuring it lasts.

Read below where we've outlined everything you need to know about this versatile material and how to keep it in its best condition.

What Is Linen?

Linen is a type of fabric used to make comfortable, quality materials. Linen is made from fibers sourced from the stems of flax plants. Flax fibers are very strong and can even be up to three times stronger than cotton when cared for correctly.

Since linen is more breathable than other options, it's excellent any time of year. It is ideal in summer because the light fabric will help your body stay cool, and a great pick for layering in colder months because of its soft and comfortable texture—not to mention it looks effortlessly beautiful all year round!

Caring for Your Linens

Knowing how to care for your linen is the key to ensuring your favorite piece will last.

We recommend all our linens are machine wash cold and tumble dry low – why? Because tossing it into the machine alongside your jeans, workout clothes, and other items increases the risk of it getting damaged. And putting it into the dryer with high heat will make it shrink.

Linen becomes softer and more absorbent after each wash, which is one of the reasons we love it so much! But to make your linen last, you need to learn how to wash, dry, and iron it correctly!

Wash It Correctly

We know the temptation of throwing all your clothes in the machine at once, but it only takes one fatal wash of throwing your jeans in alongside a few whites to learn from this mistake. No matter what material you have, washing it appropriately matters: separate items according to color, material type, and delicacy.

As you wash linen clothing, there are a few extra tips to protect the material.

  • First, before you place it into your washing machine, read the garment's tag to see what the manufacturer recommends. Some may be handwash only or require a trip to a dry cleaner. If it can go into the machine, you should use cold water and a gentle detergent.
  • Don't Overload the Machine. You should always avoid putting too much into your washing machine per load. By doing otherwise, you risk your linens getting wrapped up with one another, which can lead to stretching.

Handwashing Linens

Sometimes, your clothing may require handwashing, or you may simply wish to do this to be extra careful with your most loved outfit. To do this:

  1. Fill your tub with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. 
  2. Place your linen clothing inside and submerge it in the water.
  3. Move the items around the tub for several minutes.
  4. Drain the water and rinse out your items.

Make sure you rinse your clothing long enough to get rid of all the suds.

Dry It Properly

Most fashion experts recommend hang-drying your linen items. Avoid putting it into the dryer with high heat since this will cause the clothing to shrink.

When hang-drying your clothing, aim to use clothespins or, even better, velvet hangers. These hanging options will securely hold your item while helping it keep the right shape and avoiding creases while they dry.

Iron Carefully

Linen wrinkles quickly, which you can view as a pro and a con. Some people don't mind the natural crinkling of the material since it is part of the look. Of course, deep-set wrinkles never look great, and pulling out the iron and ironing board becomes essential.

When ironing your linen, begin by misting the garment, so it's got a bit of moisture on it; this helps prevent burning. Next, ensure you set your iron's heat level to low, as the material does not require high heat levels. Once you've done this, iron out those wrinkles, then hang your item in the closet.

Preventing Deep Wrinkles

Properly storing your linen clothing is one of the best ways to prevent it from getting too wrinkled. As you look through your clean laundry, set aside items that may need a quick ironing before you put them away.

Why Buy Linen?

Now that you know how to care for linen clothing, you probably want to upgrade your wardrobe with some great items. Many purchase this type of clothing because:

  • It’s better for the environment
  • It always looks great
  • It’s incredibly durable

When you're a mama on the go, planning a trip to the store to update your wardrobe isn't always possible. However, when you buy linen clothing, you skip this struggle because of its durability and ever-stylish appearance.

It's Eco-Friendly

Since linen comes from the flax plant, clothing solely made of it is better for our planet. Throwing material into the trash is terrible for our world, but sometimes, there's no use for worn-out garments. The problem is that synthetic materials like polyester are not biodegradable, so it takes hundreds of years for them to break down.

If your linen clothing, sheets, or other items reach the end of their life and can no longer serve you nor get donated, there's no guilt in recycling them. Simply find your local clothing recycling center for these worn-out items.

It's Stylish

Linen is one material that you can comfortably wear any time of year. It'll keep you cool in the summer heat, but also ideal for spring and fall.

As mentioned, linen naturally wrinkles, which is perfect for a mama on the go. You don't always have time to iron your clothing carefully, and linen almost always has a few wrinkles, even if you iron it. You can wear a trendy jumpsuit, dress, or linen T-shirt with jeans. It's the perfect material for any occasion and is beyond comfortable!

Buying Quality

Beachwood Baby is a high-quality linen clothing store that sells comfy apparel. Our clothing is maternity friendly but not exclusive to pregnant moms. Best yet, for every purchase you make, we plant a tree in the Amazon Rainforest. Buy from a brand that gives back to our world.

It'll Last for Years

If you want to buy clothing that'll last you for years, linen is the way to go! This material holds shape when you follow the appropriate washing and storage methods. Plus, you don't have to worry about obvious signs of wear or holes since linen fibers are strong.

Best of all, the linen won't get rough with countless washes. In fact, linen usually becomes softer with age. It's time to update your wardrobe with clothing options made from the best material!

How To Care for Linen Clothing: Everything You Need To Know

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