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Article: The Best Postpartum Gift Ideas for New Moms

The Best Postpartum Gift Ideas for New Moms

The Best Postpartum Gift Ideas for New Moms

When a new mother finally welcomes her little one into the world, friends and family want to gift her something special. Deciding on the perfect gift to help her with the fourth trimester can feel challenging. She likely already received many necessities at the baby shower, such as bottles, pacifiers, and diapers. However, you can still give many amazing things to make that new mama feel extra special. Keep reading for ideas on the best postpartum gift ideas for new moms. 

Comfy Clothes for Her

Who doesn’t love wearing something cozy? After delivering her baby, that new mama’s body must heal from the birthing process. She’ll likely feel tired as her body heals and she cares for her little cub. Comfy clothes are a must-have at this stage in her journey.

The ideal clothing is practical and stylish. Gifting the new mom in your life cozy and sophisticated clothing also supplies her with outfits to wear when going out with her baby in the coming weeks.

Option 1: Dress

A maternity dress is beautiful and easy to slip on since it’s draped rather than fitted. Strive to purchase a dress with a timeless design that the new mama can wear any time of year.

Linen dresses are a popular option because they work for any season, are durable, and are easy to maintain. Plus, linen has a naturally creased look, so Mama won’t have to waste time ironing her dress; instead, she can focus on her little cub.

Option 2: Jumpsuit

A loose-fitting postpartum jumpsuit is another great piece of apparel to purchase for a new mom. Jumpers come in a range of styles, including long-sleeved, short-sleeved, and strapped. An oversized jumpsuit is a top choice for new moms because the fabric won’t cling to the skin, so it’s comfy no matter the postpartum stage.

Option 3: Shirts

Shirts are another clothing option you can buy as a gift. Depending on the time of year, the style you purchase may vary. For example, a loose, linen top with straps or off-the-shoulder sleeves may be best if the mama gives birth in summer. On the other hand, a cashmere sweater will keep her cozy and warm in winter.

Shopping Tip

As you shop for the perfect garment, stick to naturally colored or monochromatic clothing. This includes colors such as the following:

  • Rose
  • Sage
  • Lavender
  • Caramel
  • Gray
  • White
  • Black

These colors are much easier to layer when creating outfits, so the new mom in your life will have more versatility regarding her attire.

Baby Clothes

Baby clothes are another wonderful gift for a new mom to dress her little cub in something adorable. If you purchase baby clothes, consider buying garments the newborn can wear in a few months. Infants grow quickly! The new mother in your life may already have plenty of clothes to dress her baby in the early weeks but not much for a few months down the road. Sizing up ensures her infant has clothes as they grow.

Buy Natural Materials

Sticking to natural materials isn’t just important when buying apparel for Mama—it’s great for her baby too! In the early stages of life, infants have sensitive skin, and synthetic materials can feel itchy or irritating. Shop for organic cotton baby clothes since they’ll keep the baby cozy.

Shopping Tip

Beachwood Baby has all sorts of adorable clothing for little ones! Browse our collection to buy infant clothes made with natural materials for the newborn in your life.

Cozy Blanket

Every mama needs a cozy blanket to wrap up her little cub to keep them comfy and secure. She can use it to wrap up her baby before bed or to keep her baby warm in their stroller. Some moms even use a blanket to cover themselves when nursing for privacy. Muslin is the ideal fabric for blankets and swaddles since it’s soft, breathable, and lightweight.


Time flies when you raise a baby, so while a new mom may not need a teether for her newborn, her baby will need it in no time! By giving the mom this essential early on, she’ll have it to help soothe her infant’s sore gums as soon as the teething stage begins.

Aim to buy teethers made of wood, as these are much safer than plastic teethers. Wood teethers are hypoallergenic and antibacterial, so they’re safe for a baby to bite down on. Plus, wood has a natural texture that babies enjoy feeling as they hold the teether; this quality further engages the infant, especially if the teether is a fun shape.

A Ring Sling

Carrying a baby around can be difficult, as it limits your movement since your hands are full. This is where ring slings come in! With this product, Mama can keep her little cub snug against her chest while keeping her hands free.

Quality ring slings are made with natural materials, such as cotton and linen, because these fabrics are soft and durable. But keep in mind that the maximum weight for ring slings can vary depending on the brand. Review the weight restrictions in the product description to ensure you buy a sling the mother-baby duo can use through toddlerhood.

Ring Slings Promote Bonding

Physical touch is vital to bonding. When a mother keeps her baby pressed against her chest, it facilitates the release of oxytocin. This natural hormone helps boost feelings of trust for Mama and her little cub. Likewise, ring slings make cuddle time easy for both individuals while Mom is out and about.

Make a Gift Basket

With so many great options, deciding on one thing to buy as a present can be hard. For this reason, our final best postpartum gift idea for new moms is to make a gift basket with a variety of items.

You could get cozy, matching outfits for Mama and her baby, plus a teether, blanket, or ring sling. The number of things you buy depends on what you want to give and how much money you plan to spend. But what’s most important is your present comes from the heart and includes essentials the new mom can use in this exciting chapter of life.

Shop at Beachwood Baby

Browse Beachwood Baby’s collections of women’s clothing and baby essentials, including clothes, ring slings, binkies, and more! We make all our products with natural materials to ensure fellow mamas get only the best items. Buy from a company that prioritizes selling quality items by moms for moms.

The Best Postpartum Gift Ideas for New Moms

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