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Article: What To Know Before Using a Baby Sling Carrier

What To Know Before Using a Baby Sling Carrier

What To Know Before Using a Baby Sling Carrier

Ring slings are one of the many items every mama needs for her baby. You can keep your little cub snuggly pressed against you as you keep your hands free with this essential device. However, making sure you purchase the best sling is important as it keeps your baby cozy and secure. Keep reading this article for tips on what you need to know before using a baby sling carrier. 

Check the Size

When looking at ring slings, read through the product description to see the sling size. Will you be able to easily wrap it around yourself and tuck your little one into it? While evaluating this information, also check the weight restrictions. Some slings are only for babies, while the best options work for newborns to toddlers.

Shop for Quality

Durability plays a major role in quality, as you need something strong enough to securely hold your baby. You should also inspect the material used to make the sling and its brand reputation. The company you buy from should be transparent about what they use to make their slings.

For example, a company may sell fabric ring slings but not specify the material used—knowing this is important. Natural fabrics such as cotton and linen are gentle on a baby’s sensitive skin, unlike polyester, a manufactured material. Plus, ring sling baby carriers made with natural fabrics last longer, so you can use them for your little one and any future children you have.

Note Wash Instructions

Wash instructions are another thing to know before using a baby sling carrier. Having a sling that’s easy to wash means you can spend less time cleaning and more time with your child. Check the sling’s wash instructions before purchasing to know whether it’s handwash only or can go in the machine.

Hold Your Baby Properly

Before putting your newborn into the sling and walking around, ensure you know how to safely place them into it. Your little cub should be nice and snuggly pressed against your chest. Likewise, their face should be visible, and their body should be upright. Keep your baby’s legs spread with the knee bent to keep their hips in the appropriate position.

In addition to keeping your baby secure, you need to keep yourself comfortable. With the added weight on your chest, it’s easy to lean forward, but this can lead to back pain. Pay attention to your posture as you adjust to wearing the sling.

Keep Your Baby Cozy

Pay attention to your little cub’s non-verbal cues as they get used to the ring sling. If your baby squirms or cries when you first put them in it, verify that they’re in an appropriate position, or you may have the sling too tight. Keep making adjustments until your baby feels comfortably pressed against you and not squished.

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