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Article: Wearing Neutral Tones in the Summer: What You Need To Know

Wearing Neutral Tones in the Summer: What You Need To Know

Wearing Neutral Tones in the Summer: What You Need To Know

Summertime is when many of us dress in bright colors and fun prints, but sometimes sticking to a more neutral palette can be just as stylish. Wearing neutral tones in the summer can be an easy way to look put together while staying cool and comfortable. Additionally, you can wear muted colors to a wide range of occasions, from professional to casual. Read up on the top things you need to know about wearing neutral tones in the summer. 

Layer Various Shades

When it comes to wearing neutral colors like white or tan, many people make the mistake of sticking to a single shade. However, mixing and matching hues will add depth and interest to your outfit. Layering different shades of neutral colors can also make your outfit appear more visually appealing and put together.

For instance, you could pair a tan linen maternity jumpsuit with a white jean jacket. Likewise, you could wear a cream blouse with beige pants. These combinations of different shades of neutral colors provide dimension to your overall look and create a sophisticated and modern style that is easy on the eyes.

Wear Earthy Tones

Typically, neutral colors include monochromatic hues— black, gray, and white— and shades of brown. Earthy colors such as navy, sage, and marigold pair perfectly with these colors. 

Shop for Stylish Clothing

Fashion is a form of expression that allows us to showcase our personality, style, and creativity, so you should feel comfortable in the outfits you wear. Neutral never means boring, nor should you feel like your wardrobe looks drab simply because you wear muted shades.

Shopping for stylish clothes in neutral colors can provide versatility, functionality, and sophistication to your outfits. Muted colors such as black, white, beige, and gray are timeless. Combine these classic colors with other various patterns like stripes, floral, or polka dots. You can create a chic, put-together look for any occasion, whether you prefer a minimalistic, modern, or bohemian style.

Add a Statement Piece

Another tip you need to know about wearing neutral tones in the summer is to keep style exciting. While most of your outfit is neutral, that doesn’t mean everything needs to look that way. Add a splash of color with a vibrant purse, shoes, or some eye-catching jewelry. This adds a bit of personality to your outfit to keep it unique. 

Styling Tip

To add some color in the summer, consider shades such as bright yellow, coral, or turquoise. All these options pair wonderfully with neutrals and are popular in the warmer months.

Shop for Quality

Updating your wardrobe can get expensive if you do so each season. Instead, invest in quality garments made from natural materials you can wear throughout the year. Beachwood Baby sells stylish boutique clothing for mamas and their little cubs. Shop for apparel that’s cozy and fabulous looking any time of year. 

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