5 Creative Ways To Upcycle Your Worn-Out Linen Clothing

While many of us donate apparel that no longer fits, we can't do the same with worn-out clothes. Over the last few years, upcycling materials has grown in popularity to complement a sustainable lifestyle. You can repurpose old linen in many ways, from making gift bags to creating cozy pillows! Check out these creative ways to upcycle linen clothing.

Make Reusable Bags

Creating linen gift bags is a perfect way to wrap up a gift for a friend or loved one while adding a unique flair. Likewise, homemade bags are versatile and perfect for all occasions, whether it's a birthday or a baby shower. Best of all, the recipient can reuse the bag as a tote!

Reusing materials puts less pressure on the textile industry, so consider creating grocery bags with old linen. This way, you don’t have to use the plastic or paper bags at the store; you also won’t have to buy reusable shopping bags.

Pro Tip

If you make a bag, it’s best to buy a sewing pattern online or at a craft store. A sewing pattern provides specific instructions on how to cut the material and assemble the bag.

Learn To Quilt

Quilting is a popular pastime that requires a lot of fabric. Instead of buying materials at the craft store, consider using your old linen clothing! Linen is durable and can hold up well in a quilt. Additionally, the fabric is anti-microbial and safe for sensitive skin, so you can use it to create a cuddly baby blanket.

Pro Tip

This option is perfect for creating keepsakes. For instance, when your baby grows out of their linen apparel, you could use it to make a cozy memory quilt. 

Create Dish Rags

Making kitchen rags is another creative way to upcycle worn-out linen clothing. The fabric is highly absorbent and durable, making it perfect for washcloths. You can cut old linen shirts or dresses into pieces to create a set of dish rags.

Make Pillows

Transforming your old linen clothing into pillows allows you to decorate your home. Pillows made from old clothes can make a personal statement and add uniqueness to your home. Use clothing with interesting textures or patterns to create a statement piece for your couch or bed.

Bonus Idea: Make Scrap Fabric

Many of these upcycling ideas require sewing, and polishing that skill takes time. If you have an interest in the art, buy a sewing machine and use old linen as scrap fabric for practicing stitches. Familiarize yourself with the machine and learn to sew straight lines before taking on your first sewing project.

The more you practice, the easier sewing becomes; once you feel ready, try out one of the above crafts to repurpose your linen apparel. You'll be amazed at what you can make with some creativity and fabric remnants!

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