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Article: A Consumer’s Guide to Wearing Linen in the Winter

A Consumer’s Guide to Wearing Linen in the Winter

A Consumer’s Guide to Wearing Linen in the Winter

Linen is a versatile and stylish fabric used to create many types of garments. Brands sell linen apparel for everything from formal to casual attire. Although many of us wear linen during spring and summer to beat the heat, that doesn’t mean you have to store the items throughout winter.

Dressing in layers helps you stay warm and allows you to get more wear out of the apparel you love most. We’ve created this consumer’s guide to wearing linen in the winter to help you create your ideal outfits!

Why Wear Linen Clothing

Many of us love linen clothing for its breathability, durability, and comfort. This fabric offers a timeless appeal with its unique texture and ability to soften with each wear. 

Although many of us wear linen during summer because it is lightweight, you can also wear it during colder months. Linen, a natural material, excels at regulating temperature, providing exceptional comfort and breathability.

Moreover, many shoppers also love linen due to its eco-friendly nature. As with many natural fabrics, creating linen doesn’t harm the environment. Likewise, you can easily dispose of worn-out linen by repurposing the garment or recycling it—the material breaks down in months. 

A Bonus

Since linen is an organic material, it easily lasts countless wears and washes so long as you take care of it. Plus, this fabric naturally appears creased, and that’s part of its charm, so you don’t have to spend time ironing it flat. 

How To Wear Linen in Winter

Wearing linen in winter may seem counterintuitive since the material is thinner than cotton or wool. However, with the right style strategies, you can enjoy this fabric’s benefits all year round. Some of the best ways to wear linen in winter include:

  • Dressing in layers
  • Picking cozy accessories
  • Evaluating color combination 
  • Shopping for quality apparel 

With careful layering, thoughtful pairing with thicker materials, the addition of cozy accessories, and the right color combinations, you can enjoy the comfort and elegance of linen even in the chilliest months.

Dress in Layers

Proper layering is a fundamental principle of winter dressing, and linen clothes are no exception. The way you layer your outfit depends on the linen garment you wear. If you have a linen dress or jumper, consider adding an undershirt made of cotton. Or if you wear a linen skirt, jumper, or dress, you could add leggings or tights to keep warm. Jackets and cardigans are another wonderful option for layering, and they work with any type of linen apparel. Plus, a knit or wool cardigan adds texture to your outfit and creates a more stylish look. 

Keep in mind that how many layers you need often depends on the weather. If you live in a state where winter temperature drops below freezing, you’ll need ticker layers than if you were somewhere with moderate temperatures. 

Layer With Thicker Materials

Pair linen with thicker fabrics to keep warm during the colder months. Fabrics such as wool, cashmere, and heavy cotton are ideal since they provide the necessary insulation without compromising style. 

Pick Cozy Accessories

Accessories play a crucial role in winter fashion, and the best options keep you toasty, too! Not sure what to wear? Consider adding a woolen scarf or a cashmere sweater for a harmonious blend of textures. You could also wear cozy socks and wool-lined boots for extra warmthIf you plan to add accessories to your wardrobe, shop for timeless options rather than trendy ones. Often, this means sticking to natural colors and buying the basics, such as scarves, shawls, and hats.

Accessorizing Tip

Some expecting mamas even wear thick, knee-high socks instead of tights so that they don’t have to worry about pressure around their baby bump.

Evaluate Color Combinations

Another tip for wearing linen in the winter is to pair and consider each color combination. In winter, hues such as burgundy, sage, rose, gray, and cream are ideal. When planning outfits, lay out each item or try it on to ensure each garment’s color flows together. So, if you wear a cream linen jumpsuit, consider adding a burgundy shirt underneath or a rose cardigan over the top.

A Bonus

Sticking to natural or neutral colors makes it easier to create a capsule wardrobe to get more wear out of each item. Both color options pair wonderfully with nearly everything!

Shop for Quality Linen

Ensure you invest in high-quality linen pieces, as these are more likely to last years of consistent wear. Plus, quality linen becomes softer and more comfortable with each wear. While these items come with a higher price tag, it’s worth investing since you’ll have the piece for countless occasions.

As you shop for linen clothing, stick to options made with only linen and avoid anything made with synthetic fabrics. Additionally, review the brand’s reputation before buying their garments to ensure you purchase apparel that will last many wears.

Shopping Tip

Beachwood Baby sells many fabulous options for women’s linen dresses designed for mamas at every stage of motherhood. Our clothes are draped-style, so you can easily create layers with any item!

Maintaining Your Linen Clothing

Taking care of your clothing is the key to ensuring your linen apparel lasts as long as possible. Avoid over-washing and excessive drying, as this can cause the fabric to weaken. It’s best to hand wash linen or to set the machine to “gentle” with cold water. Likewise, air-drying allows the fabric to maintain its original shape and texture without causing it any damage. Always follow the wash instructions on the garment tag or manufacturer’s website.

Storage Tip

When storing linen items, hang them in a cool, dry place. Doing so preserves the material’s quality and keeps wrinkles at bay.

Wear What You Love

As you begin creating your winter wardrobe, shop at Beachwood Baby for sustainably made apparel that’s comfy and stylish. The most important rule of fashion is to wear what you love, and we have countless options for sale.

Pick out lovely layers for winter once you have linen garments that you love showing off. You could add a cozy sweater, fluffy socks, or anything in between. What’s most important is you feel beautiful and toasty!

A Consumer’s Guide to Wearing Linen in the Winter

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