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Article: How To Style a Matching Outfit With Your Baby

How To Style a Matching Outfit With Your Baby

How To Style a Matching Outfit With Your Baby

Having a baby is one of life’s most special moments. And nothing brings more joy than dressing your little one in an outfit that matches yours. Not to mention, it always looks adorable! This is your mini-me, and coordinating outfits is a fun way to bond. To plan your clothing, you’ll need to narrow your color options, decide on a style, accessorize, and prioritize comfort. Keep reading our fashion guide on how to style a matching outfit with your baby.

Consider Color Options

Colors and patterns make a statement—those vibrant outfits never fail to capture people’s attention. On the other hand, muted tones can create a relaxed and sophisticated look.

As you create matching outfits for you and your little cub, think about the colors you two like most. Additionally, consider which hues look best based on physical features. Does pale blue complement your baby’s eyes? If so, add cool shades to your outfit to highlight this natural feature.

Monochromatic vs. Vibrant Colors

Typically, we dress our kiddos in fun, bright colors and ourselves in more muted naturals. When you twin with your baby, you’ll need to decide whether you want outfits that appear muted and classic or bright and eye-catching. You can also mix and match your options by layering.

Create Complementing Layers

Babies can’t regulate their body temperatures, so your outfit should have a few layers. Layers are also the perfect way to add more color to your clothes. Strive to either use a neutrally colored base with colorful layers or vice-versa. This helps tie everything together to create the perfect matching outfit for the two of you.

An Outfit Idea

Not sure where to start? Use a white blouse as a base and a onesie for your baby, then add some color with a jacket. A rose-pink cardigan is a perfect option. As for pants, nothing says classic like a pair of jeans!

Narrow Your Style Options

Once you determine the colors you’ll wear, the next tip on how to style a matching outfit with your baby is to pick a style. Once you have a trend in mind, matching clothes becomes easier because you can search social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram for outfit inspiration.

To narrow your options, consider the following:

  • Cute and playful
  • Sporty and active
  • Cozy days in

Below, we’ve detailed each style’s popular colors and styling trends to help you plan the cutest outfits!

Cute and Playful

For this style, wear shades that evoke a sense of joy and playfulness, such as powdery pinks, baby blues, buttery yellows, and minty greens. Additionally, pick out clothing items such as breezy sundresses, lightweight cardigans, and snuggly onesies in these delightful hues to build a foundation for matching outfits.

Sporty and Active

Embrace the athleisure trend by coordinating your ensembles for a fun-and-fitness-filled day. Matching joggers will provide ample comfort and flexibility as you two run and play. Strive to wear moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics that will keep you cool and dry as you embark on your shared adventures! Linen is a great example, plus it always looks amazing. 

Pair your joggers with an airy, oversized tank top or loose-fitting shirt. For the finishing touch, add a light sweatshirt so both of you can feel comfortable on your adventure. 

Cozy Days In

Looking for an outfit you and your little cub can snuggle up in? Aim to wear plush wool sweaters, muslin cotton rompers, and cozy sheepskin booties. For comfy days in, wear the colors you two enjoy most. Keep in mind that softer colors such as cream, rose, and lilac help create a sense of relaxation.

Beachwood Baby

Shop at Beachwood Baby for cute, comfy clothes you and your baby will love wearing. We have various options for you to choose from so you can stock up on everything needed to craft your mama-baby twin outfits.

Decide on an Occasion

Like with any getup, the occasion matters. If you plan to coordinate your outfit for a family party, you’ll likely want to wear something cute and playful to show off. On the other hand, if you’re going on an adventure, pairing joggers with a loose-fitting top is ideal for a day of activities.

Don’t Forget To Accessorize

Accessories are the finishing touches to any outfit and allow you to tie everything together. Pick out an accessory or two to wear with your little cutie, such as a headband, scarf, or sunglasses.

You could also add some jewelry to your look. If your infant is at the teething milestone, give them a beaded teether bracelet or necklace to chew on for some relief. You can match them by purchasing similar-looking jewelry. For instance, buy a blue beaded teething necklace for your little cub and a blue beaded necklace for yourself. As you shop for your baby, ensure their teething jewelry is silicon or natural wood.

Mama Tip

With accessories such as an infant ring sling, you can keep your mini-me pressed against you while keeping your hands free. Plus, everyone will easily spot your matching outfits!

Prioritize Comfort

Prioritizing comfort when selecting matching outfits for you and your baby is essential for various reasons. Shop for temperature-regulating clothing so your infant feels comfy no matter what the temperature is outside.

Moreover, babies have sensitive skin that requires soft, breathable, natural materials. Luckily, many natural fabrics, like linen, cotton, cashmere, and wool, also regulate temperature. With stylish and comfortable outfits, you two can move freely and enjoy your time together.

Be Creative and Have Fun

As you search for outfit inspiration, remember that when it comes to style, there are no rules you need to follow. What matters most is you and your baby have fun assembling your adorable, cozy matching outfits. You can have a twin day for special occasions, holidays, or for a baby-mama date exploring the town.

Shop at Beachwood Baby to buy comfy clothes for you and your little one. All our clothing is sustainable and made with natural materials. Stock up on clothing both of you will love wearing on every one of your twin days.

A Final Note

Have fun making matching outfits with your little one. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures as your mini-me grows!

How To Style a Matching Outfit With Your Baby

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