Essential Style Tips for Layering Linen Clothing

Layering clothing is a beautiful way to keep comfortable no matter what the weather is outside. Even hot summer days can come with cool nights, and a light jacket will keep you cozy. Linen is a popular clothng material thanks to its breathability and lightweight nature. Springtime often brings a range of hot and cold temperatures, making it an ideal time of year for linen. Check out our essential style tips for layering linen clothing.

Consider the Weather

When adding layers to an outfit, ensuring you don’t overdo it is important. After all, overheating can be as uncomfortable as being chilly. Determining what to wear can feel more complicated during spring and fall since temperatures often fluctuate daily. Check the weather each morning before deciding which layers you’ll need for the day.

Add Layers Underneath Clothes

If you wear a linen romper, jumpsuit, or dress, add a layer or two underneath your clothing. For instance, you could wear a long-sleeved shirt under a linen maternity dress with straps or a short sleeve that keeps your torso and arms warm.

As you decide on an underlayer, consider what colors best align with the main outfit. Often, it’s best to stick to natural colors—sage, rose, lavender, etc.—or a monochromatic color scheme. This makes layering easier because natural colors pair wonderfully with monochromatic hues.

Pro Tip

Another way to add a layer to your outfit is by wearing tights. If you wear a long dress or skirt or a pair of wide-leg pants, wear tights or stockings underneath to stay comfy.

Wear a Jacket

Some of us get warm throughout the day. If you shop around town, go for a walk with your little cub, or move around a lot, you may start to warm up. To get around this, consider laying over your outfit. Wearing outer layers is great because you can add a jacket whether your primary attire has long or short sleeves. Cardigans, knit pullover sweaters, and bomber jackets are great options for layering any time of year.

Keep Fashion Fun

Our final style tip for layering linen clothing is to stay true to your preferences when laying out what you’ll wear. Fashion is a form of expression, and we all have a style we gravitate toward. As you search for inspiration for layering outfits, remember to stay true to yourself. Add the occasional pop of color with vibrant shoes, and wear styles that make you feel amazing. Most importantly, prioritize your comfort levels.

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