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Article: How To Travel Comfortably on a Plane With a Baby

How To Travel Comfortably on a Plane With a Baby

How To Travel Comfortably on a Plane With a Baby

Although many parents want to show their baby the world, one essential aspect of this can lead to a lot of stress—flying. Many parents worry about traveling with a baby because of the stigma, and no one wants to have their infant bawling through the flight. Luckily, you can avoid much of the stress by crafting a game plan. Get the best advice from experienced mothers about traveling comfortably by plane with a baby. 

Research Your Airline Options

Sometimes, the cheapest ticket isn’t the best option, and saving money comes at a cost. While your ticket may cost less, you may not get to choose where you sit, or what you carry on could cost an additional fee. Both can increase your stress levels. Instead, pay the extra money so that you can decide where you’ll sit.

Buy the Right Spots

The perfect seats depend on a few factors. It may be best to book an aisle seat if it’s just you and your baby. This way, you can easily get up to walk around or use the bathroom without feeling like you must bother other passengers. While window seats feel roomier, some moms may feel uncomfortable asking their seatmates to let them out continuously.

Contrarily, if you fly with your partner or another loved one, consider booking an aisle and middle seat or aisle seats across from each other. This way, you can pass the baby back and forth. Depending on your child’s age, a window seat may also be ideal. It’s easy to distract an excited toddler when there’s a beautiful view for them to look at.

Mama Tip

Although it will cost more, buy two seats if it’s within your budget. This way, you and your baby have ample space on the plane, and you won’t have to spend several hours adjusting your infant on your lap. Booking a separate seat for your infant also gives you and your partner more room, ensuring you don’t feel cramped in an already small space.

Your Baby Has Carry-On

While you may not need a carry-on, your little one does. If you check the diaper bag, you won’t have your baby’s essentials. Having this bag during the flight is as crucial as keeping your purse or wallet on you.

Carefully Pack the Diaper Bag

Once you have your tickets, it’s time to start packing. While you’ll put your baby’s clothes into your suitcase or their own, you still need a diaper bag for the flight. When packing it, include the following:

  • Pacifiers
  • Changing essentials
  • Toys
  • Snacks

These items help keep your baby comfortable through the flight. Below, we’ve further detailed why you need each item for the best ride.


A pacifier and backup paci should be the first things you pack for your baby. Sucking on a binky during take-off and landing helps lessen your infant’s ear pain. Plus, sucking on pacifiers helps naturally soothe your baby so that they feel relaxed in a new, scary environment.

Changing Essentials

Pack key items such as diapers, wipes, diaper creams, and spare clothes. Chances are, you’ll need to change your baby at the airport or during the flight. Having extra clothes helps you keep your infant comfy if their diaper leaks.


Avoid those extra special toys on the plane, as you may lose them or forget something while leaving the plane. Traveling is stressful with or without a baby, and items can disappear. Most parents recommend cheap toys for the ride.


The snacks you should bring depend on your baby’s age. If yours can eat solids, pack some of their favorites, such as crackers or cereal. Also, ensure you bring a bottle of breastmilk or formula for your baby to drink in case they get hungry.

Wear Layers

The plane can get cold, especially for your baby. Wearing layers allows you both to feel comfortable throughout the ride. For instance, dress your baby in a light jumper with a T-shirt over it, then a sweatshirt or jacket. For pants, they could wear jeans or sweats. Dressing your baby like this allows you to remove layers if it becomes too hot on the plane.

You also need to wear suitable clothing. Shop at Beachwood Baby if you want to blend style with comfort. Our ladies’ linen clothes are perfect for moms no matter what state of motherhood they’re in. Buy clothing you look and feel great in for a perfect day of traveling.

Arrive Early

Get to the airport 90 minutes to two hours early so that you get through security and to your boarding area without rushing. Remember, you’ll need time to park, get through check-in and TSA, then find your boarding area. You may also want to eat a meal or snack at the airport. Running through all this increases stress levels, and you may worry about missing your flight. With additional time as a buffer, you can breathe easy and entertain your little one while waiting to board.

Many airports have play areas where you can tire out your baby. Just make sure to wash their hands when they finish playing. Aim to keep hand sanitizer in your purse or diaper bag to make this process easier. If the airport doesn’t have a play area, walk around to help tire your child out.

Pre-Check Is Worth It

Prechecking makes it easier to get through TSA since you’ll go in the “fast lane.” During the security check, you won’t have to remove your shoes or jacket or empty any liquids from your bag. Typically, you’ll get through the line in 10 minutes or less. 

With precheck, TSA does a background check on you, which lasts for five years. The initial cost has fluctuated between $70 and $85 in the last few years.

Wear Your Baby

Some parents wait to check their stroller until they reach the gate. This way, they can push their baby in it while going through the airport. However, handling the stroller plus your carry-on is a lot; you’ll also have to navigate around other travelers. Consider checking the stroller with your other luggage and wearing your baby in an infant sling or baby carrier. This way, your hands remain free, and your little cub feels comfy, snuggling up to you.

Enjoy Your Travels

Understanding how to travel comfortably by plane with a baby is important, and this trip could be a major milestone for you two. Let this be the start of a brand-new, enjoyable adventure for your family.

Dress comfortably so that you can take cute photos and focus on making memories with your baby. Beachwood Baby sells fabulous clothing options for mothers and babies. Buy cozy linen clothes to wear during the flight to ensure you both look great when arriving at our destination. Safe travels!

How To Travel Comfortably on a Plane With a Baby

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