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Article: Must-Have Accessories for New Moms That Make Life Easier

Must-Have Accessories for New Moms That Make Life Easier

Must-Have Accessories for New Moms That Make Life Easier

When there’s an expectant mom in your life, you want to give her the best baby gift. While diapers and clothes are great, she’ll get a lot of each at her baby shower. So instead, think outside the box and give her something to simplify aspects of motherhood. In this article, we’ve detailed the must-have accessories for new moms that make life easier.

Baby Teether

When babies start teething, their gums get sore, leading to lots of crying. No mama likes to see her little one in distress, and teethers ease the discomfort. Most parents recommend wooden teethers because they’re anti-bacterial and completely natural. With wooden teethers, you don’t have to worry about synthetic chemicals often found in alternative teether options. 

Pacifier Clips

Pacifier clips are another accessory that makes life easier for new moms. Like teethers, pacifiers help increase feelings of comfort and relaxation in a baby, helping Mom unwind. With a pacifier clip, the pacifier will always be within the baby’s reach, so they can grab their pacifier anytime they need extra comfort. 

Ring Slings

Every new mother wants to bring her little one nearly anywhere she goes. Close contact is a great way to bond with a baby while keeping them comfy. However, carrying your newborn everywhere isn’t always doable.

Essentials like ring slings allow the new mama in your life to hold her baby while keeping her hands free to do other tasks. With a high-quality sling carrier, mama can carry her baby from birth to toddlerhood. That closeness helps establish a healthy bond between the two.


A bib prevents spit-up or food from getting on a baby’s clothes, which will save work for their mom. Some mothers also use cloth bibs to cover themselves when nursing their newborns to prevent spit-up from getting on their clothing.


Babies love feeling cuddled up, and a soft swaddling blanket will achieve this. Mama can wrap up her newborn to help them feel snug, which means a better night of sleep for the entire household.

When shopping for the ideal swaddle, search for fabrics like cotton, since it’s lightweight, breathable, and soft. 

Self-Care Gifts

Motherhood can get stressful, especially when you’re new to it. Help the new mother in your life decompress by giving them a basket with bath salts and skin serum. This is perfect for caring for the skin on her belly or for a baby’s sensitive skin.

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