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Article: Reasons You Should Support Small Fashion Brands

Reasons You Should Support Small Fashion Brands

Reasons You Should Support Small Fashion Brands

Many of us buy from name brands that support fast fashion because it’s easy—these options are all around us. But this clothing doesn’t last and is bad for our planet. On the other hand, small fashion brands offer an array of benefits you won’t find with large retailers. Shopping from small fashion brands means investing in unique pieces made with care and attention to detail by local artisans. Read on to learn about the reasons you should support small fashion brands. 

Superior Quality Clothing

Unlike big-name brands, small fashion companies pay closer attention to detail in handmade items because they don’t mass-produce their products. Instead, each item gets the care and quality craftsmanship it deserves. This leads to more long-lasting pieces for your wardrobe. Small fashion brands emphasize quality over quantity because they know that more durable clothes will serve customers longer.

Unique Clothing

Pieces made by small fashion brands are always unique—you’d never find the item in your typical store. At least, not of the same look and superior quality. Smaller brands craft clothing that continues looking great after years of consistent wear, which is more than most can say about big brands.

It Supports Artisans

Another reason to buy from small fashion brands is that they sell handmade articles rather than machine-made ones. Usually, small fashion brands employ local artisans who use higher quality materials and craftsmanship than fast-fashion retailers.

By purchasing clothing from these companies, you get truly unique pieces. For example, no two natural linen dresses made by the same artisan will look identical; however, when mass-produced, everything looks the same. Plus, handmade items can have beautiful details and intricate patterns that you won’t find elsewhere.

A Bonus

Buying from small fashion brands also helps support the local economy and provides opportunities for artisans and entrepreneurs in developing countries.

It Stops Fast Fashion

Producing clothing in small batches is better for the environment because it creates less pollution and prevents excess fabric from going to waste. The mass production of apparel wastes materials and pollutes the planet. Making a single pair of jeans requires 1,500 gallons of water, and dyeing them blue can pollute local water systems. On top of that, the factories where fast fashion companies make jeans also pollute the communities they reside in. 

Small brands put an end to this by relying on sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton or linens, which are better for the environment.

Buy From Beachwood Baby

Beachwood Baby is a small fashion brand selling beautiful, quality clothing for mamas and their little ones. We support various artisans who care for our planet and fellow mamas at the forefront of our business! We’ll plant a tree in the Amazon for any item you purchase. If you buy a ring sling, we’ll also gift a birthing kit to a mama in need in other parts of the world. Buy from a brand that puts quality, individuality, and compassion above all else.

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