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The Benefits of Carrying Your Baby in a Fabric Sling

Carrying your baby in a fabric sling is an incredibly beneficial experience for both parents and their little ones. Not only does it provide physical comfort to your child, but it also helps them reach important milestones in their development. Keep reading this parent-written article to learn the top benefits of carrying your baby in a fabric sling!

Babies Love It

A key benefit of carrying your baby in a fabric sling is that infants absolutely love it, and it engages their natural instinct to stay close to mama! Babies carried pressed to their parents in a fabric sling benefit from the closeness and comfort. Being swaddled and snug to you also reminds your baby of their time in the womb. This helps soothe colicky infants and babies who may feel anxious or overwhelmed by their surroundings.

You Can Go Hands-Free

With a ring sling, you don’t have to keep your arms around your little cub or push a stroller. This means you can keep your baby close whether you go for a walk outside or need to do housework. If you also have a curious toddler, you can hold their hand and easily keep up with them while ensuring your baby remains attached to you.

Increased Bonding Time

When you wear a fabric sling, you have a lot more contact with your baby, which increases your bond. Skin-to-skin contact releases natural hormones such as oxytocin and endorphins. These hormones help create feelings of safety and security for both of you, which makes postpartum bonding easier.

It’s Easier To Nurse

Wearing a ring sling also helps with infant development because it makes nursing in public easier. While feeding your baby is nothing to feel embarrassed about, plenty of moms struggle to comfortably nurse their newborn in public. With a ring sling, you’ll feel less exposed, and it keeps your baby securely pressed against your chest.

It Keeps Your Baby Close

While strollers are a must-have for parents, they’re not always the best way to move your baby around, especially in high-traffic areas such as the grocery store. When you put a baby in a stroller, strangers are likelier to approach and coo over your little one. Some people may even reach out to touch your baby. This is dangerous for your infant since babies have weaker immune systems.

With a ring sling, your baby remains pressed against your chest. As a result, strangers can’t reach out and touch your little one as easily. Plus, you know your baby is safe with you at all times.

Buy Your Ring Sling

Beachwood Baby sells hand-woven, cotton ring slings that can hold babies ranging from 8 to 35 pounds, so you can use one whether you have a newborn or toddler. When you buy one of our ring slings, we donate one of our Clean Birthing kits to mamas in need. Buy a ring sling that’ll keep your little one cozy no matter where you two go.