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Article: Dos and Don’ts of Minimalist Maternity Fashion

Dos and Don’ts of Minimalist Maternity Fashion

Dos and Don’ts of Minimalist Maternity Fashion

Capsule wardrobes are incredibly popular for all the right reasons. Minimalism helps reduce clutter in your home, cut shopping expenses, and minimize consumption. If you are new to the mindset, you may not know where to start to ensure you have everything you need. Get all the essential advice from this guide on the dos and don’ts of minimalist maternity fashion.

The Don’ts

Let’s get things started by talking about what you should avoid when shopping for maternity clothes like a minimalist. Here is what not to do:

  • Intermix all your clothes
  • Ignore your style
  • Only wear dark colors

Making these common mistakes can leave your wardrobe disorganized or prevent you from having enough options to show off your great taste in fashion.

Intermix Your Clothes

Pregnancy is a long chapter, and mamas begin wearing maternity clothes at varying stages depending on when they start to show. People usually need maternity clothes by month four at the earliest and month six at the latest. Do not leave your drawers and wardrobe cluttered with clothing you cannot wear. Instead, store your “regular” attire in a storage bin or hang those items in the back of your closet.

Take Time To Declutter

As you relocate your current clothes, take time to sort through what you no longer want. A major component of minimalism is making the most out of less. Therefore, donate clothes that you have not worn in ages and have no plan to wear.

Ignore Your Style

Fashion allows us to show off our personality, and you should not quit doing this once you shift to maternity wear. Contrary to the rumors, all pregnancy clothing is not drab and boring.

Continue shopping for your favorite colors, prints, and cuts. By ignoring your style, you risk buying more clothes than you need. If you love A-line dresses with fitted bodices, shop for this in the maternity clothing section. Likewise, if you love draped, whimsical-looking dresses, look for this style.

Only Wear Dark Colors

In fashion, most stylists agree that dark colors such as black have a slimming effect, but you should liven up your wardrobe with some color. Pregnancy is a beautiful time, and every mama wants to show off her baby bump! Muted green, pink, blue, and orange all liven up an outfit without appearing overly vibrant.

Also, remember that you can and should still have a few monochromatic options. Shades of gray, black, and white go with nearly any outfit. We’re just saying that those monochromatic colors shouldn’t be your only options.

The Dos

Now that we’ve covered the don’ts of minimalist maternity fashion, let’s get into the dos. To achieve a capsule wardrobe, aim to do the following:

  • Put comfort first
  • Shop for quality
  • Focus on the basics

With these tips, it will be easier to buy the best clothing options for your wardrobe so you can easily plan all your outfits.

Buy Comfy Clothes

While staying true to your style is essential, you must also think about what is most comfortable as your body changes. Skinny jeans and tight dresses may feel overly constricting. As a result, you are less likely to wear those items, which negates the purpose of a capsule wardrobe. Aim to buy comfy, versatile clothing you can wear whether you’re lounging on the couch or running errands around town.

Shop for Quality

One of the most important tips for buying maternity clothes for your minimalist wardrobe is prioritizing quality. While we often think of maternity clothing as pieces we will only wear for a few months, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Brands like Beachwood Baby design clothing you can comfortably wear throughout pregnancy and long after having your baby, like women’s linen jumpsuits. The attire is linen, cotton, and cashmere—all top-quality materials that last for years of wear. By prioritizing quality maternity clothes, you will find pieces you can wear beyond pregnancy.

Focus On the Basics

In a capsule wardrobe, you need to focus on buying the basics; only purchase clothing with which you can create various outfits. This includes:

  • Jeans
  • T-shirts & blouses
  • Sweaters & cardigans
  • Dresses & jumpers
  • Maternity bras

All these garments are easy to style for varying occasions. Jeans, a blouse, and a cardigan make for a casual and cozy outfit for shopping. You can also pair that cardigan with a dress or jumper to create a cute semi-formal outfit for dinner with your partner.

If you love buying clothes, ask yourself, “Do I need this?” when shopping for maternity wear. This reduces the risk of making impulse purchases and keeps your closet clutter-free. Avoid buying items that are not easy to layer, as there are fewer opportunities to wear them.

Borrow Clothes

When you need clothes for a specific event, such as a cocktail party or wedding, consider borrowing from a loved one who has gone on the same journey. Borrowing formal wear from a fellow mama saves room in your wardrobe and gives that garment some extra love.

Why Minimalist Fashion Matters

Minimalist fashion is important before, during, and after pregnancy because it saves space in your wardrobe. You would be surprised how many outfits you can create with just a handful of shirts, bottoms, dresses, and jackets. Plus, minimalism helps our planet, especially when you invest in quality materials such as linen. Unlike polyester and other synthetic materials, linen can last years or decades if you maintain it. This helps end fast fashion, which causes pollution and deforestation.

Also, many brands create maternity clothing that people can only wear during pregnancy. Ultimately, this means you get less wear out of the attire you spent your hard-earned money on.

Shop at Beachwood Baby

Beachwood Baby is a women’s clothing brand created by mothers for mothers. We’ve carefully designed maternity garments that you will continue wearing long after you’ve had your little one. Plus, we use top-quality materials to make our clothing and pride ourselves on being an eco-friendly brand. Shop for maternity clothes that you will look and feel amazing in!  

Dos and Don’ts of Minimalist Maternity Fashion

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